Chaplet of Saint Rita



8 Jan , 2017  


How to pray the Chaplet of Saint Rita

The Chaplet of Saint Rita is prayed on 3 sets of 3 blue beads that have a medal on one end and a cross on the other end. Example: Medal + 3 + 3 + 3 + Cross.

Begin with the following prayer:

O Holy St. Rita,
exemplary Augustinian Sister,
we honour you for your devotion
to the Passion of Christ.
Although your early life
was filled with disappointment,
frustration, and unceasing tragedy,
you never lost faith and trust in God.
For this you are the patroness
of the impossible,
and our inspiration
and advocate in desperate circumstances.

Then, pray 3 “Our Father”,
3 “Hail Mary”, and
3 “Glory be”.

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3 Responses

  1. Jessenia chavez camacho says:

    St.rita pray for me and my family it seems this year has really been testing me but they say the closer one is to god the more the devil attacks..and i know it is his work but i do not fear him for god is the most powerful and i pray for the strenghth to overcome these difficulties.amen

  2. Cathy mccreanor says:

    Please pray for me tom I have awful day amen

  3. Gerda Alexis says:

    St Rita pray for me i a difficult case St Rita take it for me be my judge be my lawyer both tha case it very impossible i know you can fight for me so i can be with my husband and my children’s please i beg be with me in the court everywhere the send be with me don’t never let go without you in Jesus name amen his my savior my everything for me and my family

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