God give me strength


Prayer: God Give Me The Strength

1 Jan , 2015  

God give me the strength
Lord give me Your strength
I feel weak and helpless right now
I’m not sure how much more I can take

God give me the strength
Lord give me Your strength
For I’m running on empty right now
All my dials are at zero

Come shelter my mind in the storms
Where I’m confused flood me with light

Come shelter my heart in the storms
Where I’m weak come flood me with strength

Come lift up my spirit in the storms
Cause sadness to end and hope to rise

Cover me with Your love O Lord
Wash me in Your goodness O God

Cover me with Your love O Lord
Clean me out and help me start again.

Source (http://www.lords-prayer-words.com)


4 Responses

  1. mary duffy says:

    Yes please I need ur strength at this time thanku x

  2. Oh lord help me with my mother she’s sick, and can’t walk ,sometimes i get very down ,and i want the mother i use to have she will b 93 in july .i love her very much and i’m glade she still here with me. thank you lord for listen to me love you!

  3. R says:

    For my daddies knee and hip lord please place your healing hands on him . Please give him some ease I am so worried about him . Please take everything bad from my home that is causing me distress amen

  4. Gerda Alexis says:

    Lord give me strength all the times in my life and my family I need it Lord thank you always open for me you never put me down thank you glory to God AMEN

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