Learn to give


Learn to Give

21 Dec , 2014  

A man is generous not because of the dimension of his purse but because of the dimension of his heart.

If you cannot give when you have little, you will not give when you have much.

You probably have read the account of Rockefeller and the billions of dollars that he bequeathed to humanity through his generous foundations.

Those who know Rockefeller well described him as an insuppressibly generous man.
They said he would have given of his poverty had he been poor.
Money is neutral.
If you think you will be more joyous with a bigger purse, then you are mistaken.

Money cannot give you joy although it does not take it away.

Sadness and joy are both states of mind.

They reflect the deeply rooted choices that we make day after day:
Those who think money can dramatically change the course of their life should read the account of Paul Getty.
He was one time world richest man and this is what his beautiful wife has said about him:

“Money was a curse on him, it distorted everything about his life”.

Paul actually died a miserable man inspite of his great wealth.

My friend, do not bank your life on Money because money on its own.

Prayer To Be Generous

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