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Abraham and Sarah’s Marriage Diary

7 Mar , 2017  


A 30 Day Devotional From a Biblical Marriage to Christian Marriages

You and your spouse are walking through this path, living, perhaps, joys and sorrows, strengths and temptations, wondering what is God’s plan and God’s will for your marriage, More…


A Prayer Before Mass (Friday, by St. Ambrose)

3 Mar , 2017  

prayer before mass friday

We pray Thee also, O Lord, Holy Father, for the souls of the faithful departed: that this great Sacrament of Thy love may be to them health and salvation, joy and refreshment.

O Lord, my God, grant them this day a great and abundant feast of Thee, the living Bread, who camest down from heaven and givest life unto the world; even of Thy holy and blessed Flesh, the Lamb without spot, who takest away the sins of the world; that Flesh, which was taken of the Blessed Virgin Mary, and conceived by the Holy Ghost; and of that Fountain of mercy which, by the soldier’s lance, flowed from Thy most sacred Side; that they be thereby fed and satisfied, refreshed and comforted, and may rejoice in Thy praise and in Thy glory. More…

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Pray for the President: The Congress and the Senate (by J. Calvin Tibbs)

24 Feb , 2017  


In 2017 Donald J. Trump became the 45th President of the United States of America. For millions, this is a thrilling accomplishment; for millions, still this as a chilling reality. Strangely, both are right – America is great nation, yet she must face the disturbing facts about her economic, military and social condition; therefore, the excited and the worried share the same reality – the need to pray. Fortunately, God is part of America’s history, and His love for us beckons us to individually and collectively seek Him.



21 Feb , 2017  

novena to the holy face of jesus

(The novena can also be said anytime – but especially in the nine days leading up to the Feast of the Holy Face on Shrove Tuesday.)

O Lord Jesus Christ, in presenting ourselves before Thy adorable Face, to ask of Thee the graces of which we stand in most need, we beseech Thee above all, to grant us that interior disposition of never refusing at any time what Thou requirest of us by Thy holy commandments and divine inspirations. Amen. More…


Prayer to Saints Faustinus and Jovita

16 Feb , 2017  

Prayer to Saints Faustinus and Jovita

Saints Faustinus and Jovita are honored as the chief patrons of Brescia, and their relics are located in the ancient church bearing their name.
Feast Day: 15 February More…



10 Feb , 2017  


St. Scholastica is the patron of nuns and against lightening, rain, and storms.
Her feast day is February 10.

O God, You caused the soul of Your blessed virgin Scholastica to enter heaven in the form of a dove, to show us the way of innocence. More…


Prayer To Take Authority

1 Feb , 2017  

prayer to take authority

In the name of Jesus, I take authority and I bind all the powers and forces in the air, in the ground, in the water, in the underground, in the netherworld, in nature and in fire.

You are the Lord over the entire universe and I give you the glory for your creation. More…


Prayer In Time Of Trouble

31 Jan , 2017  

prayer in time of trouble

Lord, in every need let me come to You with humble trust saying,
Jesus, help me.
In all my doubts, perplexities, and temptations,
Jesus, help me.
In hours of loneliness, weariness, and trials,
Jesus, help me. More…

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They Called Me Trash (by Terry Brown)

29 Jan , 2017  

they called me trush

A tale of an abandoned dog who struggles to survive on his own. It is based on true events and includes a lesson in the golden rule (Luke 6:31).


Prayer to Saint Angela Merici

27 Jan , 2017  

Saint Angela Merici
St. Angela Merici is the patron saint against illness, death of parents, and of the disabled and handicapped.
Her feast day is January 27.