Saint Therese


Prayer to St. Therese

12 Aug , 2014  

O Little Therese of the Child Jesus,
Please pick a rose for me
From the heavenly gardens
And send it to me
As a message of love.

O little flower of Jesus,
Ask God today to grant the favors
I now place with confidence
In your hands.

(Mention your specific requests)

St. Therese,
help me to always believe,
As you did,
In God’s great love for me,
So that I might imitate your
“Little Way” each day. Amen


9 Responses

  1. Darlene says:

    please pray my fiancé does not end our relationship. I am sick with worry

  2. Lin says:

    For the petition in my heart….

  3. smd says:

    Please hear my prayer, please ask Jesus for me St Theresa . Please bless over JMM jr.please

  4. Mary says:

    So that my daughter receives a kidney transplant this year, please hear my prayer.

  5. Marie says:

    For the petitions in my heart. A swift & favorable resolution. Amen

  6. mary duffy says:

    I place all my trust in you & thanku xx

  7. Donna says:

    St.Therese please ask Jesus to let me receive my disability check please I really need the money to pay some bills please

  8. S says:

    Please ask Jesus to heal my body totally IV had 2 years being up and down daily please help me gain strength every day mentally and physically . Please take all infection away from my body esp my infected teeth . Please heal my hormones and anxiety and depression so I can live a full life please help me be the girl I was and able to travel again without fear please take these phobias away that are holding me bk in life Please help me to have good friends to support me and care about me and that I can visit friends and family again without fear and worry please send me a rose st terease from your heavenly garden that you hear my prayer and please send one to my beautiful mammy I miss so much please take care of dad that the injections will help him and he is happy and pain free X amen

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