5 Reasons to Honor Mary this May

2 May , 2015  

May month of Mary

It’s been a long-standing Catholic tradition to honor the Blessed Virgin Mary during the month of May. In most Catholic churches (and even in many Catholic homes), a “May Altar” is erected with a statue or picture of Mary, flowers, and perhaps candles. The altar stands from May 1-31 as a reminder of Mary’s importance in the life of the Church and in our own lives as well.

Additionally, many Catholic churches and families hold a “May Crowning,” presenting Mary with a crown made of blossoms or other hand-crafted materials to signify her queenship as the mother of Christ, the King. I’ve even seen some crowns made of glistening metal and synthetic jewels. More…

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Consoler Consecration to Mary

1 May , 2015  

Consoler Consecration to Mary

Mary, I want to be a saint.

I know that you also want me to be a saint and that it’s your God-given mission to form me into one. More…

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