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It is a website dedicated to people who look for worshiping resources, like books, christian chords, for guitar, inspirational videos and devotionals, everything for the Glory of God.

“The Gospel According to Love” is a unique and profound paradigm shift as your spiritual eyes are opened to the God given purpose of love,life and eternity, revealing the heavenly future we all await…

Holy Label wants to change the attitude towards christian clothing. All christian shirts nowadays is just aiming to be satirical towards religion. We don’t believe thats the right approach to representing what you value. At Holy Label we design clothes that you would be truly proud to wear. Our focus is trending designs with Christian elements. We have christian shirts, christian tshirts, christian dresses and all the way down to christian phone cases so you can represent God and look fashionable while doing it!

Christian Beliefs Explained and Defended, includes a section on Cults, Mormonism and Jehovah Witnesses

DEAR HEART is designed to help YOU change YOUR life and the lives of others for the better. WE OFFER THE MOST UNIQUE ONLINE DIARY (Write in Your Heart) where you can write anonymously in your heart, i.e., to write Dear Heart instead of Dear Diary to express your problems, heartache, etc., as well as your desires. You will find unique and spiritual ways of helping to change your life AND GET WHAT YOU WANT by what you think, and do, and WRITE. You will also have the opportunity to share your thoughts, feelings, beliefs, writings (poems, excerpts from your novels or short stories or experiences), etc. in other forums where you can use your name, credentials, and/or other information if you desire. Your heart is the key to changing whatever you want to change or accomplish. As a DEAR HEART Member, you will learn how to change your life and reach your goals and have many Members contribute to your goals AND pray for you! You will also have the opportunity to earn income, prizes, certifications, recognition, become Group Leaders, enter contests (including writing songs, representing DEAR HEART, etc.) and much more while you are making your dreams come true!

Become a Member and encourage your family and friends to join the newest, most progressive, avant-garde way to reach your goals and be all that YOU can be!!!

Our company manufactures hi-quality, investment-grade solid silver Christian-themed statues. There are three key elements to our product and message:

1) Jesus is the Silversmith and we are his metal. He places us in the Crucibles of Life to refine and purify us so that He can see His image in us.

2) He has given us many bountiful blessings that we may enjoy and use to bring glory to Him. We should live happy and purposeful lives and rejoice in His many blessings.

3) Each heirloom quality, investment-grade statue is hand-crafted using old-world techniques as a timeless and beautiful reminder of His blessings to us, and a symbol of courage to live each day in a manner that brings glory to Him.

Chayil Collections is for the Self Assured woman of faith and her family. Chayil Collections provides options that embraces her self worth and style
Chayil Collections intends to become the number 1 supplier of modest clothing for people of faith in North America. Our clothing will be trendy while at the same time embrace the concept of “The virtuous woman”.


“God Is My Guide Compass” which shows the word “God” at North on the front.
On the back, the scripture Joshua 1:9 is engraved.
The compass is made with fine craftsmanship and is pure brass with a glass front. It comes with the golden stand.
The compass is perfect as a gift for many holiday occasions. It sells for $19.95.

8- www.AcademyOnTheRock.Org
Eagles On The Rock Academy is a new Christian School in Houston offering excellency education in French-Spanish-English. For children 2 to 5 years old (kindergarten included)

GOD IS WORKING LLC. Was founded in ATLANTA,GA 2016 when Godwin Nwokocha started this GROUP G.I.W which stands for ” GOD IS WORKING” he decided to create Clothing apparel which represents GOD is always working in our life. Day & Night. While growing up Godwin always believed that if you have faith in whatever you do in life or touch God is right behind you WORKING! He decided to take his idea to the next level & connect with major Branding Companies & Social Media Companies to Promote his brand.

Readers will discover an educational book on cancer research, through the lens of Christianity. Cancer Free is based on the Word of God, medical research, and infused with common sense.

11- Play Worship Guitar
Don’t have time to schedule lessons but want to learn how to contribute to your church’s worship team? Take online guitar lessons to learn how to play worship guitar! Work at your own pace on your own time with a money back guarantee! NO MUSIC EXPERIENCE REQUIRED!


When a man speaks of God-in-man, he is totally unaware that this power called God-in-man is man’s imagination. THIS is the creative power in man. There is nothing under heaven that is not plastic as potter’s clay to the touch of the shaping spirit of imagination….[this is what the Bible shows] -Neville Goddard, 1955

13- Save Your Christian Marriage

This book is a faith based approach to Christian marital counselling. The package is highlighting a promotion right now that includes the book, a number of reports, and even includes email consultations with a registered therapist, Ph.D, and M.Div. for an extremely low price.


We are creating an app that is designed to keep Christians accountable to reading their Bibles, Praying, and Memorizing Scripture.

Lord, Increase me Today, is a inspirational book that will help increase your life. We all want to find a way to be our best and please God. These 17 principles will help you to see all that God has stored up for you.

The new Christian suspense novel, Invasion 2020 depicts world gripped by threat of terrorism. The author paves a pathway of hope in an era of terror, chaos and conflict.

“An explosion of music, books and a movie, offered in a package, with 21st century ideas at a 20th century price.”

Nothing is known about the real St Veronica. She’s never mentioned in the bible but appears at the sixth Station of the Cross. True = Vera, Picture = Icon: Veronica might be a myth but in ‘the true picture’ she is a glamorous dye-dealer from ancient Tyre, an ex-temple dancer with a dark past, who gives up the purple trade to follow Jesus to Jerusalem in around AD 33.

The Tales Of Princes is about you and me. It’s about our life story, how you and me start discovering our real identity in Christ, Jesus.

Carters Christian Books Music and Supply is your one stop online store for everything you need. From books to music to Church supplies.

21-How Could a Good God Allow Suffering?

In his new biog post, Christian author Kevin Ott examines the best arguments from Timothy Keller and C.S. Lewis about suffering.


“Sighted Blessings began in the Spring of 2012, when a long-distance friend of photographer Alani Mason-Callaway fell ill. Thinking of a way to be of comfort, and since flowers were blooming on the trees, she decided to take a picture of the budding flowers and send them to her friend. That first picture was the beginning of a journey. That Spring, Mason-Callaway started a Facebook photo album, entitled “Beauty In Nature”, that was a big hit, and remained so for three years. Sighted Blessings, started in 2015, came out of the photographer’s desire to bless more people in the same way. Sighted Blessings is an online photo gallery of God’s creations and blessings; this book displays many of Mason-Callaway’s photographs, as well as previously unreleased photographs, with accompanying Bible verses.”


There’s something that can’t be denied about the power of hearing someone’s actual voice over reading a message from them. In that spirit, a new service has launched in Leavamsg. Leavamsg allows users to leave a short message for an audience of nearly any size, listen to reactions and responses, as well as listen to other people’s messages as well.


Pre-order your “Living Abundantly” sweatshirt today, Offered in Ivory or Plum

Jesus said he came that they may have life more abundantly. John 10:10

Make a declaration to live in abundance spiritually, emotionally, mentally, socially, and economically!


We want to cover our children with the word of God, and we have created the first plush baby blankets with a verse from Psalm 23. Available now at our online shop at:


Become an Ordained Minister


TBH Ministries is resource by independant Christian artist/ media producer REP. Full of music, devo blogs, and stories designed to encourage and inspire, REP’s desire is to see people truly grow in an honest relationship with God


Praybud is a networking community that connects people around the world through prayers. Request prayers, post inspirational photos, pray for someone, share your testimonies, connect with Christians around the world.


is a website That develops custom mobile apps (iPhone and Android) for churches.

They will develop an app for your church that will let your church send instant messages to the entire congregation, promote church events, increase event attendance, collect online donations, and much more!


The Shelter of the Most High is a christian blog bringing together a community of people who are dedicated to knowing God better, understanding His plan for their lives, putting His Word into practice and learning to trust Him in the process.


The Apostolic & Prophetic Dictionary by Apostle Abraham S. Rajah is a necessary tool for all who desire to be a part of God’s present-day apostolic and prophetic move.

It features over 500 entries, most of which are present-day revelations needed for the body of Christ to fully embrace the model of the church seen in the book of Acts. It is well researched and full of the most insightful words and phrases needed for today’s Church. It promises to be unique, relevant and full of revelation. It will equip the most recent believer to ministry leaders.


Need to talk to someone? Would you like to request a prayer? We are here for you!

33- WWW.IGITAPPAREL.COM (A mission with a Christian purpose…)

IGIT Apparel announces the launch of its brand new website and outreach program. IGIT represents a new wave of marketing for In God I Trust by using its trademarked IGIT apparel where portions from every sale go directly to several Christian outreach programs. The company also offers customizable fundraising programs for churches, schools and other organizations where licensed apparel can be designed for a unique fundraising campaign using the organizations message or logo.


Teach youth with visually STUNNING PowerPoint Serial Stories. Bible / True Christian Hero graphics that captivate & challenge. Available to instantly download! (All stories come with full sets of dynamic slides, free printable activity pack and teaching script). Designed to be used over 4 or 5 sessions – perfect for Sunday School, VBS, Holiday club, Kids outreach…. Great value!


Inspirational Scriptures and relaxing music.

No fees or sign up necessary!


description: About Jesus Life is dedicated in providing believers and non believers the truth of God’s Word, that Jesus came to show us the way to live and give us life in abundance, leaving an advocate – the holy spirit to teach us all things and remind us of the things that have been spoken.


description: find out much practical information on how to live with Jesus on a daily basis.

38- God has given us everything we need for Optimal Health. “…The trees will provide food, and their leaves will be used for healing.” Ezekiel 47:12

100% Pure Organic Herbal Remedies Free Shipping and Handling 1year Satisfaction Guarantee Nature – The Original Pharmacy.


Our service called pieces of Jerusalem, as can be seen in

Short description:

“Our vision is to connect every person in the world to the holy city by having a Piece of Jerusalem, registered to his or her name, forever!”