Prayer To The Sacred Heart of Jesus


When In Difficulties – Prayer To The Sacred Heart of Jesus

22 Aug , 2015  

(This is a very powerful prayer that when said with sincere faith from the heart will be answered.
Make sure to pass on this prayer to all people who need it in their times of difficulties. Don’t forget the thanksgiving for all prayers answered!)

Almighty Arms of Jesus before you, I with all my faith beg you for comfort.

In my difficult situation do not forsake me Good Jesus.

Open your doors in my way that your Almighty Arms will open and close as you desire to give that tranquility that I so desire.

(Make your Petitions)

O my God, receive that supplication from a wounded heart that is always fighting for me.

With your divine power never let me scramble for want of help.

Almighty Jesus assist me to find a shelter in your celestial country forever, Amen.



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47 Responses

  1. mary duffy says:

    Please answer my prayer thanku I place all my trust in u amen xx

  2. Mary kennedy says:

    Please answer my prayers l put all my faith and trust in you thank you xx

  3. Margaret says:

    Please listen to my plea scared heart of Jesus I place my trust in you.

  4. Noelle O'Reilly says:

    I humbly implore you to listen and answer my plea

  5. Linda says:

    Please let my daughters health be good, so she is able to raise my granddaughter, and let my granddaughter come home to us. Amen

  6. emir says:

    please answer my prayer. Thank You. AMEN

  7. Caitlin says:

    Please cure my breast cancer amen

  8. Please hear my prayers for a recently departed

  9. S says:

    please heal me from this anxiety and depression and help me to put wait on and stop losing hair . Help me to make the rite decision about my daughters remark in her test . Calm me and give me strength to be the best mammy I can be . Help me choose the best drama and singing and dancing class for my daughter and help her get into the school that is rite for her . Help me to get out and about without fear look after all my family .

  10. mb says:

    Please Sacred Heart of Jesus please hear my prayers and Thank you for all you do for me xxxx

  11. dollie vollick says:

    i want to give up, ive lost all hope to make my relationship work ,it has shattered me into pieces and beginning to loose respect and value myself as a human being. i need help so badly

  12. Anonymous says:

    thanks for the answered prayers. i know i could always count on your help. thank you so much

  13. Special intentions says:

    Jesus I place my trust in you please help me and answer my prayers

  14. Malerotholi Khoabane says:

    Sacred Heart of Jesus I place all my trust in you. Please fight for me the battle of finding the job and relieve me from these cruel people that I work with. I am hurt!

  15. M.c.h.t.h. says:

    Please oh sacred heart of Jesus,help us. We are in a desperate situation and need a miracle. Thankyou for listening to my request.

  16. dollie vollick says:

    help me with my financial and marriage difficulties. thank you

  17. susanne says:

    please answer my prayers. I trust , worship and adore you.Amen.

  18. emir says:

    Sacred heart of Jesus, please hear my prayers. Thank you. AMEN

  19. francis lakabe says:

    Give me some answer to my prayers and petition Amen thank you…

  20. STELLA MARIS says:

    Please darling lord answer my prayers i seriously nid ur rescue i love u en trust in you

  21. O.C.C. says:

    Secred Heart of Jesus, please help me through this most difficult time of my life, every minute is a struggle. I need you to hear my prayers please. Amen.

  22. Ellen C says:

    Please pray so I can obtain a great stable career. To pay off huge student loan. For my love relationship to work out for good. For the success and safety of my children, Gen, Gellie and Rocky. Thank you. God bless-

  23. elisa trinidad says:

    Im counting on you pleaae answer my prayer

  24. Rita Gordon says:

    Almighty Arms of Jesus, please hear and answer my prayers to bless me with the financial help that I need to pay a pressing rent debt crisis that is causing me pain.I know you know all and see all my struggles, And I ask for your devine help to abundantly bless me with the financial neccesities to be able to maintain my household and support my family basic needs, and that we will continue to thrive to live with peace and love and joy. Amen

  25. Rita Gordon says:

    Sacred Heart of Jesus, please hear my prayer to bless me with a financial miracle, to bring my Rent debt current, to have the resources to support my family’s basic needs, I need a financial breakthrough to to lift all the burdens that are pressing heavily on my shoulders. I aslo ask for prayer to all the families and people of Baton Rouge Louisiana who is going through a turbelent time. That they recieved some relief and bless them with the resources needed to get their city and state back together economically. Amen

  26. ann says:

    Please help me to clear any debt owed in my name. Help me to provide for my family and break any bad doings to my family. Help to restore my marriage and to restore the love and faithfulness I desire. Keep my children happy and healthy and encourage me to be a happy person once more. These last few years are full of tears, bad health, unfaithfulness,worry and upset. Heal my heart and let my husband find his way in life and back home to us his family

  27. Cathy mccreanor says:

    Help me with my work and health

  28. Malerotholi says:

    Lord Jesus, please have Mercy on me. I know I am a sinner and am repenting. Please Lord Grant me the job from the interview I have attended. For the sake of my children, I have to meet my monthly obligations. Grant that I be given this job, I ask the Almighty Father and the Holy Spirit in your name Amen

  29. Nicholas says:

    Help my son through this difficult time in his life. Help him find the light and get the help he needs.
    Thank you Lord

  30. magdalene says:

    Dear sacred heart please pray for me i need peace in my family

  31. Brian says:

    Thankyou most sacred heart for taking my favour into your broken heart where it was seen by our heavenly Father and granted..thankyou

  32. Pray for me and my family, I need a financial break through to clear all I debts I owe people. Scared heart of Jesus I trust in you. Amen

  33. Yashab Joyal says:

    Please pray for my brother and sister marriage or my mother health she is bed ridden since 12 year God heal her from all diseases and weakness

  34. DESIRE says:


  35. Lord here my prayers. Amen

  36. Gillian says:

    Please lord I need your help amen

  37. Hear my prayers. Amen

  38. Brian says:

    Mat the Sacred Heart of Jesus be honoured praised and glorified throughout the world

  39. Angel says:

    Almighty lord,our father pls hear my prayers and grant the same in the name of the our lord,jesus christ-Amen

  40. Please answer my prayers l put all my faith and trust in you thank you.Aparna.

  41. emir says:

    Lord, please hear my prayer. Thank you. AMEN

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