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Operation Christmas Spirit (Christian Horse Books For Kids)

2 Nov , 2017  

Operation Christmas Spirit

A rascally pony, two run-down carts, and a pile of moldy harness seemed like a strange start to a journey full of ups and downs that led Rosie to the most meaningful Christmas of her life. But looking back, she knew it all began that fall day at the livestock auction. When Billy King asks questions about the biblical Christmas story, his curiosity inspires Rosie and the other children to dive into Scripture for the answers. Together they come up with a secret plan for a unique Christmas celebration—Operation Christmas Spirit. More…

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Blessings, My Child: 101 Blessings for Children (by Ginger Payne)

13 Oct , 2017  

Children need to know they are deeply and unconditionally loved by God. Children and the adults in their lives need spiritual tools that point them to God. Blessings, My Child accomplishes both. Every reading includes: More…

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Addicted to G.I.V.I.N.G.: The Habit of Handover (by C.D. Temple)

6 Oct , 2017  

Habits die hard. What’s more is that habits can be formed! Did you ever think of giving as a habit? When people think of giving, the automatic reflex is to think of monetary gifts. But giving is so much more than that. Giving at its core is an act of love… a natural reflex, a habit that can be developed and when developed can become an addiction. More…

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Compose Your Soul: How to Turn Your Daily Chaos Into Calm Control

1 Oct , 2017  

What’s the most common three-word response to, “How are you doing?”

Answer: “I’m so busy!””

A big sigh follows, along with a list of 37 tasks that must be accomplished by the end of the day. Sound familiar?

You look for the freedom to live meaningfully in a state of peaceful, calm composure— and you want to do it your way. You have visions of quitting your job, living on the beach, retiring early, or winning the lottery. You know you’re designed to do and be something more. You long to be centered and wholly operating in the unique gifts and talents that are yours. More…

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Martha, Martha: The Good Part (by Teresa Jones)

21 Sep , 2017  

Martha’s life story has been abridged by one Gospel writer and has been expounded on by many theologians and clergy for thousands of years, based on minor details which have placed her in an “outcast” status for the most part. Readers of the Bible have never been given the opportunity to hear Martha’s side of the story regarding the mild rebuke she received from Jesus.

What’s remarkable is that many eldest daughters find themselves playing a key role in supporting their families and taking a lead role in family affairs, only to find their efforts unappreciated and criticized, as well, placing them in a unique position to identify with Martha’s plight.

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Here I Am Lord (by Alan T. Black)

17 Sep , 2017  

The Lord has a calling and purpose for each of us. He isn’t concerned about our status. He is interested in one primary thing. Are we willing to be available to answer his call. . More…

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The Gospel According to Love (by George Louis)

14 Aug , 2017  

“The Gospel According to Love” is a unique and profound paradigm shift as your spiritual eyes are opened to the God given purpose of love,life and eternity, revealing the heavenly future we all await…

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I KNOW WHO I AM: My Blissful Family

12 Aug , 2017  

This picture book series is unapologetic-ally written to equip every member of the family unit, especially our children for the present and future battles against teachings contrary to the Christian faith.

In a world and generation that has experienced influx of information more than any other, the question is, what kind of information is being passed to our children? Is this information bringing the truth or confusing our children? More…

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Marriage Devotional of Sarah and Abraham: 30 Inpirational Devotions to become Godly Marriage

20 Jun , 2017  

“Once you lose sight of God, your situation dominates your vision, and you will do anything to make it happen, even if it means without God. You will do what you think you want and not what your marriage really needs, but do not fool yourselves, God’s decrees will never be frustrated. More…

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How To Build A Godly Marriage: A Ten Point Guide to Become a Successful Marriage

18 Jun , 2017  

“The more you love God, the more you love your spouse through the love of God in your heart. We cannot beat God out from marriage, the institution He created!” More…