Chaplet of The Infant Jesus of Prague

27 Dec , 2014  

This chaplet consists of 3 Our Fathers in honor of the Holy Family, and 12 Hail Mary’s in memory of the 12 years of the Sacred Infancy of our Divine Saviour.
To this chaplet of 15 beads is attached a medal of the Infant Jesus (of Prague).

Infant Of Prague Chaplet 3pcs
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Price: $16.47
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Chaplet of the Holy Infant Jesus
“The More You Honor Me The More I Will Bless You”

On the medal the following invocation is said:
Divine Infant Jesus, I adore Thy Cross and I accept all the cross Thou wilt be pleased to send me. Adorable Trinity, I offer Thee for the glory of Thy Holy Name of God, all the adorations of the Sacred Heart of the Holy Infant Jesus.

Each Our Father and Hail Mary is preceded by the aspiration:
“And the Word was made flesh and dwelt amongst us.”

On finishing the chaplet say:
Holy Infant Jesus, bless and protect us.


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  1. Gerda Alexis says:

    Holy Infant Jesus please protect me and my family bless me and my family, save,guide us thank you so much Holy Infant Jesus

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